Things I'll Never Say

I hope you know when I look into your eyes
my soul awakens
That every ounce of my being wants you and can't get enough
I wanted you to myself
I wanted you for me

The intimacy never felt like intimacy to me
It felt like making love
I've never made love before
I've never felt so physically connected to someone before
It's more spiritual with you
In those moments
It's like all my darkness,pain,and anguish dissolves
and is replaced by love,acceptance, and unconditional kindness

I'll never say it
I'm too afraid
It might be too late

I'm a hypocrite most times, unable to what I want others to do
I thought I had enough of you
I thought you've had enough of me
I have moments throughout my day where I feel energy in my heart for you

I'm angry about it though
Why do I feel so much energy for you
I wish it could stop, I would like to think it's not true
but it is
I look at you the same
appreciated or unappreciated
I look at you the same


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