The Advanced Persistent Dreams of You

I can't seem to get you out my head.
I had a dream you were in my room.
My very room.
Contrary to what that may signify,
I want to be as far away from you as possible
I don't want to be
but I need to be
There's great progress 
and the feelings are gone so
that's good I guess
all thats left is the dreams,
I can't lie 
they aren't beautiful 
it's akin to the Boogeyman or Dracula
and I have nowhere to escape.
I wish they would stop,
it's the last step of peacefully laying to rest what
rightfully belongs to history

%80 percent of me knows it's better if they stop
%1 percent of me hopes it's some sort of sign of the future
%9 percent of me hopes it's just a dream
and % 10 percent of me as fucked up as it sounds enjoys it
borderline masochist but not as far as to wallow in sorrow in reality cuz
who gives a fuck...keep it moving right.

they are the most vivid dreams I've ever had
they are the worst dreams I've ever had
and they are the best dreams I've ever had
all at the same time.

There's even been times where I lay with someone else but still dream.
the dreams literally don't give a "fuck "


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