Let Me Explain

I guess I'll explain this to the wind as this discussion will most likely never be played out in real life. Anyfuck to who it may concern.
If you ever wondered why? Let Me Explain

You were dealt the unfortunate hand of meeting me at a time where I really didn't have much if any self-confidence. As a man, it's hard to admit that, I really didn't know where I was going, I didn't really take inventory of much I had going for me. I'd spend much time alone at the time trying very hard to build this value. Unfortunately, my values were flawed, I valued money, I saw money as the end all be all. I don't fault myself much for that as at the very least I was consciously setting my aim for life, weighing out the opportunities and possible directions that are laid out in front of every young man. I just knew that whatever hell will eventually know on my door in the future, negative net worth would make it much worse. I should've valued freedom, and the ability to control my surroundings. A wealthy man is not always a free man, and a free man is not always a wealthy man.

With that being said I straight up idealized you as being someone you weren't. As fucked up as it is, I might not really know who you are as I was pretty much in love drug (I might as well been snorting 3 lines of cocaine a day) induced utopia dreamland, coupled with an unfortunate but timely pre-adolescent depressive episode.That being said there really is no explanation and it doesn't matter cause whatever happened...happened for a reason. 


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